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Hi, and welcome to Lisa's Kingdom. On this page you will find stuff I like or am a fan of, and who knows, maybe you like or are a fan of the same thing. Look below, there are my links. Hopefully it won't take to long to load. If you are using Netscape, you might not be viewing my page best. If you can see the backgrounds and all the images (every page has a background), then you're fine. If not, well, oh well. Please sign my guestbook if you have time, because I love getting entries. Also, if you have time, e-mail me. I accept all flame mail because I love seeing different kinds of insults :) On any of my pages, try reloading (if you want) to see any new changes. You probably won't have to. Anyways, I really hope you enjoy your stay, and come back!

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-Click here to find out more about the creator of this page

-Click here for my page on you-know-who

-Click here for my page on the best movie ever--Titanic

-Click here for my rantings and ravings on Canada *updated October 5th*

-Click here for my page dedicated to my three dogs, Leo, Zoe, and Roy

-Click here to find links to all my favourite pages

-Click here to find people's pet peeves. Got any? Tell me about it.

-Click here for my page on , well, you can see (NOT MADE YET)

-Click here for my page on those wonky Spice Girls(

-This is one of my most favourite series. If you read these books, click here (recommended for kids 12 or under)*Updated November 29*


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This page is copyright 1998 by Lisa Marsh.  It is in no way affiliated with anyone famous such as the Spice Girls or Leonardo DiCaprio.  It is simply a page by a fan for fans, and for simple entertainment.  All pictures are original and are not to be used without permission.