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Lisa's Titanic Page

Hi there, welcome to my Titanic page. Here you will find stuff on the movie, and stuff about the real Titanic. Enjoy!
Here are some facts about the Titanic and Titanic:

Now for the main(ish) people in the cast. I think it was a particular good cast, especially Leo :)

Jack Dawson-Leonardo DiCaprio
Rose Dewitt-Bukater-Kate Winslet
Ruth Dewitt-Bukater-Frances Fisher
Molly Brown-Kathy Bates
Caledon Hockley-Billy Zane
Thomas Andrews-Victor Garber
Captain E.J. Smith-Bernard Hill
Brock Lovett-Bill Paxton
Old Rose-Gloria Stuart
J. Bruce Ismay-Jonathan Hyde
Fabrizio DeRossi-Danny Nucci
Lizzy Calvert-Suzy Amis
Lewis Bodine-Lewis Abernathy
Spicer Lovejoy-David Warner
Tommy Ryan-Jason Barry
1st Officer Murdoch-Ewan Stewart
Fifth Officer Lowe-Ioan Gruffudd
2nd Officer Lightroller-Jonny Phillips
John Jacob Astor-Eric Braedon
Madeline Astor-Charlotte Chatton
Col. Archilbald Gracie-Bernard Fox
Benjamin Guggenheim-Michael Ensign
Madame Aubert-Fannie Brett
Irish Mom-Jenette Goldstein
Helga Dahl-Camilla Overbye Roos
Trudy Bolt-Amy Gaipa
Sir Duff Gordon-Martin Jarvis
Lady Duff Gordon-Rosalind Ayres
Countess of Rothes-Rochelle Rose
Cora Cartwell-Alexandre
Ida Straus-Elsa Raven
Isidor Straus-Lew Palter
Little Irish Boy-Reece P. Thompson lll
Little Irish Girl-Laramie Landis
Cal's Crying Girl-Alison and Amber Waddell
Elevator Operatot-Sean M. Nepita
Olaf Dahl-Erik Holland
Bjorn Gunderson-Jari Kinnunen
Olaus Gunderson-Anders Falk
Father and Son in the hallway-Martin Hub and Seth Adkins
Praying Man-Barry Dennen
Sven-Dan Pettersson

Now I'm going to take a moment to wish Titanic good luck at the Academy Awards. It/its characters have been nominated in the following categories:

Whew! I'm estimating that Titanic will win 7 of its 14 nominations.Well I guess I was wrong!

Hold on. Don't forget on the 15th of April, don't forget to take a moment to remember the Titanic and her passengers, ok?

Now for the two main characters.
Jack Dawson

Jack was just a third-class passenger, around 20 or so. He won a ticket in a game of poker, which placed him right on Titanic. He thought he was the luckiest son of a bitch ever. Then he met Rose, the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. But he knew he probably didn't have a chance, 'cause she was a first-class chick. Oh well. But to his luck, one night while he was lying there, he heard some sniffling person run by him. It was her! He rescued her from jumping off the boat and smacking into the water. As a reward, he got to attend dinner with Rose and her family and friends. Slowly, Rose began to love him, but duh, she had a fiancee, Caledon Hockley. But she said, ah well, and went for Jack anyways. She even let him draw her in the buff. But later on, as they were smooching on the deck, wamo! Titanic hit an iceberg, and ice fell around them on the deck. They had to tell mother and Cal! But when they went there, Jack was framed for stealing Rose's necklace. He was handcuffed to a pole on e-deck or something. Rose rescued him though. They managed to survive for awhile, even after the boat went under. But they were cold. Rose floated on a board, but Jack had to stay in the water. It was too cold, though, and he died. Rose broke his hand away from hers, and let him drop down into the ocean and his soul went to rest. That is the story of Jack Dawson.

Rose Dewitt-Bukater
Rose was a first-class girl, but she wished she wasn't. She felt that no one understood her. One night she lost it, and thought that the only way she could escape her horrible world was to kill herself. She was planning on jumping off the back of the ship. Just as she was about to though, she heard a voice saying "don't do it." It was a young man named Jack Dawson. He managed to rescue her. Slowly Rose began to fall for Jack, and his sensible, normal ways. But she knew she couldn't, it would never work. After all, she was engaged. But she let Jack sweep her in anyways. They went through tough times together, even through the sinking of Titanic. Rose was on a board, Jack was hanging off a board. They were there for awhile, and then Rose saw a boat coming. She tried to wake Jack up, we he wouldn't. After a couple more tries, Rose seperated Jack's hand from her hair, and let him go into the ocean. The boat nearby saved her, and a few other people. Rose never told anyone about her experiences with Titanic, not even her husband. Not until she phoned Brock Lovett, met with him, and told everyone her story.

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