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                                             Lisa's Thoroughbred Page

Hey there!  Welcome to my Thoroughbred page.  Here you will find short info and reviews from different people on all the Thoroughbred books.  In case you didn't know, these books began with a girl named Ashleigh Griffen who saved a horse, Wonder, from dying when she was just a foal.  Ashleigh raised Wonder to become a Kentucky Derby winner, and a winner of many other big races.  Wonder's foal, Wonder's Pride, was also a big champion.  The Thoroughbred series brought many horses and people such as Samantha McLean, and Cindy McLean, Shining, Glory, and many other horses.


Now let's take a look at all the books.  So far there are around 27, but the new new ones have not been released to the public yet as far as I know.  Don't worry, I won't give away the whole book, I'll just say what it's about.

Thoroughbred #1-A Horse Called Wonder


In this book, we meet Ashleigh Griffen, a twelve year old.  She and her family just moved to Townsend Acres, a huge breeding and racing farm.  They had had to move, because a horrible disease swept out her family's entire breeding farm.  She even had to sell her horse, Stardust.  At Townsend Acres, she met a horse named Holly, whom she grew fond of immediately, because she reminded her of Stardust.  Then Holly  had a foal, but the foal was very small and very weak.  Ashleigh did not want the little foal to die, but she seemed to be the only one who thought the foal could survive.   Ashleigh tried and tried, and she managed to help the foal pull through.  Clay Townsend, the owner of Townsend acres, gave Ashleigh half ownership of the foal, because of what she had done.  The foal was named Ashleigh's Wonder, because she was.  Now Ashleigh couldn't wait for Wonder to begin racing!

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Thoroughbred #2-Wonder's Promise

In this book, Ashleigh's Wonder is put into training by Clay Townsend, and Ashleigh is thrilled! She spent so much time helping Wonder get better. But Wonder's trainer is harsh not the right kind of trainer for her. Wonder is disobedient, and disobeys all of her trainer's commands. Ashleigh is told that Wonder is useless. And one day, Wonder even throws Ashleigh off her back. Asheigh is determined to fix Wonder, but how can a little thirteen year old girl? Ashliegh does though, and Wonder finally shows some Promise.

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Thoroughbred #3-Wonder's First Race

Wonder has pulled through training with flying colours. Ashleigh and Charlie, Wonder's trainer, are getting her ready for one of the biggest races, the Kentucky Derby. But one day, Brad Townsend rides Wonder on an icy winter day, and Wonder stumbles, injuring her shoulder. Can Wonder pull through in time for the Derby? Ashleigh and Charlie are determined, and in the end, their work pays off and Wonder is on her way to the Kentucky Derby, despite many people's doubts and scoffing.

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