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Lisa's Thoroughbred Page

Hey there!  Welcome to my Thoroughbred page. Here you will find short info on the books, and reviews from readers on all the books. In case you didn't know, these books began with a girl named Ashleigh Griffen who saved a horse, Wonder, from dying when she was just a foal. Ashleigh raised Wonder to become a Kentucky Derby winner, and a winner of many other big races. Wonder's foal, Wonder's Pride, was also a big champion. The Thoroughbred series brought about many characters such as Samantha McLean, Cindy McLean, Shining, Glory, Wonder, Pride, and many other horses.

Now let's take a look at all the books. So far there are 35, plus 4 super specials, but number 35 hasn't been published yet. There are also 4 Ashleigh Series books, and three Ashleigh's Collection books. Don't worry, I won't give away the whole book, I'll just say what it's about.

Thoroughbred #1-A Horse Called Wonder

In this book, we meet Ashleigh Griffen, a twelve year old. She and her family just moved to Townsend Acres, a huge breeding and racing farm. They had had to move, because a horrible disease swept out her family's entire breeding farm. She even had to sell her horse, Stardust. At Townsend Acres, she met a horse named Holly, whom she grew fond of immediately, because she reminded her of Stardust. Then Holly had a foal, but the foal was very small and very weak. Ashleigh did not want the little foal to die, but she seemed to be the only one who thought the foal could survive. Ashleigh tried and tried, and she managed to help the foal pull through. Clay Townsend, the owner of Townsend acres, gave Ashleigh half ownership of the foal, because of what she had done. The foal was named Ashleigh's Wonder, because she was. Now Ashleigh couldn't wait for Wonder to begin racing!

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Thoroughbred #2-Wonder's Promise

In this book, Ashleigh's Wonder is put into training by Clay Townsend, and Ashleigh is thrilled! She spent so much time helping Wonder get better. But Wonder's trainer is harsh, not the right kind of trainer for her. Wonder is disobedient, and disobeys all of her trainer's commands. Ashleigh is told that Wonder is useless. And one day, Wonder even throws Ashleigh off her back. Asheigh is determined to fix Wonder, but how can a little thirteen year old girl? Ashliegh does though, and Wonder finally shows some Promise.

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Thoroughbred #3-Wonder's First Race

Wonder has pulled through training with flying colours. Ashleigh and Charlie, Wonder's trainer, are getting her ready for one of the biggest races, the Kentucky Derby. But one day, Brad Townsend rides Wonder on an icy winter day, and Wonder stumbles, injuring her shoulder. Can Wonder pull through in time for the Derby? Ashleigh and Charlie are determined, and in the end, their work pays off and Wonder is on her way to the Kentucky Derby, despite many people's doubts and scoffing.

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Thoroughbred #4-Wonder's Victory

It is Wonder's second year of racing in this book, and just as she begins her training for the Breeder's Cup, her jockey, Jilly gets injured. Ashleigh knows no one else can ride Wonder except her. She's never even ridden in a race though. But through hard work Ashleigh is prepared, and she rides Wonder to victory!

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Thoroughbred #5-Ashleigh's Dream

In this book, Ashleigh's Wonder gives birth to a beautiful colt. Also, Ashleigh is riding as an apprentice jockey. Then one day, a young girl named Samantha McLean and her father Ian move to Townsend Acres. Her mother had died in a riding accident. Ashleigh then buys a horse named Fleet Goddess, and Samantha helps Ashleigh train her. Samantha would love to ride, but her father won't let her after her mother's accident. She's desperate to convince her father to let her ride, and with help from Ashleigh, she finally does.

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Thoroughbred #6-Wonder's Yearling

In this book, there is a strong chance that the Townsends will sell Wonder's Pride. Samantha and Ashleigh know they have to stop them, but how can they? The whole farm is in danger of destruction. And time is running short. Can Ashleigh and Samantha save Wonder's Pride? And can they set the farm back to normal? I'm not going to tell you, you have to read the book.

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Thoroughbred #7-Samantha's Pride

In this book, Clay Townsend is overracing Wonder's Pride. He wants Pride to race in the strenuous Triple Crown. But Ashleigh and Samantha know that Wonder's Pride will suffer injuries if he races too much. They also know that they have to stop Mr. Townsend before it's too late. But how can they? He's half owner, and he's older then both of them put together. Can they do this? I'm not going to give away the ending, so you have to read the book. Ok?

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Thoroughbred #8-Sierra's Steeplechase

Almost everyone at Whitebrook Farm has given up on Sierra. He doesn't have the patience for racing. But when Samantha sees him jump over an enormous fallen tree, she knows he could be a champion steeplechaser. With her friend Tor's help, Samantha begins training Sierra for steeplechasing. But when Sierra is ready for his first race, Tor falls and breaks his arm. Samantha is the only one who can race him now, but can Samantha handle Sierra and make him a winner?

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Thoroughbred #9-Pride's Challenge

Wonder's Pride is ready to race again, and Samantha and Ashleigh are thrilled. But it seems not everyone wants Pride back at the racetrack. Brad and Lavinia Townsend want Pride out of the way so their horse can have the spotlight. Samantha knows Lavinia will stop at nothing to have her horse win. But with Ashleigh planning her wedding with Mike, it's up to Samantha to save Pride. But can she do it all by herself?

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Thoroughbred #10-Pride's Last Race

Wonder's Pride has just had the best year of his life! First he ran to a victory in the Breeder's Cup race, and then he was named Horse of the Year. Samantha and Ashleigh can't wait for the start of another spectacular year. But on the brink of his five-year old season, Pride develops an illness. Pride will never race again, and he may even die! No one thinks Pride will make it through, but Samantha refuses to give up on him. Can her determination save the horse?

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Thoroughbred #11-Wonder's Sister

Samantha has been around horses all her life, but she's never had one of her own. So she's overjoyed when Ashleigh and Mike give her Shining, the half sister of Wonder. It's her job to turn the sickly horse into a winner. Shining is stubborn and difficult, and it looks like she'll never race. Then a little girl named Mandy, who can't walk, falls in love with Shining, and the filly's training suddenly improves. But as Shining prepares for her first race, Mandy's parents make Samantha a stunning offer. Will Samantha give up the only horse she's ever owned?

Thoroughbred #12-Shining's Orphan

One night, when Samantha goes to the barn to check on her horse Shining, she gets a big surprise. There's a girl sleeping on the hay between the two orphaned foals! Cindy Blake has run away from her foster home and found her way to Whitebrook Farm. She loves horses, and doesn't want to live anywhere else. She begs to stay. Cindy turns out to be a natural with horses, and she even develops a bond with Shining. But when the authorities find out where she is, they want to send her to another foster home. Can Samantha and her friends at Whitebrook find a way to keep Cindy? Send me your reviews on this book, subject Thor12.

Thoroubhred #13-Cindy's Runaway Colt

Cindy wants to stay at Whitebrook forever. She's finally found a place where people love her. Then Lavinia accuses her of stealing. The authorities want to send her to another foster home. Even her new foster parents seem to doubt her. Then she finds a mistreated horse on a neighbouring farm and takes him into hiding. If anyone finds out she's stolen a horse, she'll definitely have to leave Whitebrook.

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Thoroughbred #14-Cindy's Glory

CIndy couldn't be happier, living at Whitebrook farm. But suddenly Cindy's worst nightmares begin to come true. First, her adoption isn't approved. Then Glory, the horse she rescued from abuse is put on the auction block by his real owners. Can Cindy stay at Whitebrook farm, as well as her beloved Glory?

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Thoroughbred #15-Glory's Triumph

Cindy has finally found a home at Whitebrook farm, and everything is perfect. Then Townsend Princess, Wonder's daughter, is injured, and Cindy feels responsible. After the accident, Cindy won't go near Glory, her favourite horse. She's afraid he'd get hurt, too. But without Cindy, Glory will never become a racehorse. Will Cindy find the courage to make Glory a champion?

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Thoroughbred #16-Glory in Danger

Glory is winning every race he enters. But when he wins a big race by over ten lengths, track officials become suspicious. Then Glory tests positive for drugs and is disqualified from the race. The drugs that made Glory run faster could also kill him, and Cindy must find out who drugged him. But when Cindy starts investigating, her life becomes endangered too.

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Thoroughbred #17-Ashleigh's Farewell

Glory is facing the biggest race of his career, but Ashleigh won't be riding him because she's going to have a baby. Cindy hopes they can find a new jockey fast. But tryouts are a disaster. Can Cindy help get Glory back on track before it's too late?

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Thoroughbred #18-Glory's Rival

Cindy wants Glory to win the Breeder's Cup more than anything, and Glory is more than ready. But Cindy didn't know that Samantha would enter her horse, Shining, in the same race. The trophy could be stolent out from under Glory's nose. But what's more important--her friendship with Samantha, or making sure Glory wins?

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Thoroughbred #19-Cindy's Heartbreak

In his three-year-old season at Gulfstream Park, Florida, Storm piles up victory after victory. But when returning to Whitebrook, disaster strikes. An incurable disease has swept through the area, and Storm tests positive. If they don't put Storm down, he may spread the disease to the other horses. Cindy is heartbroken, but can she risk putting her other horses in danger to save Storm's life?

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Thoroughbred #20-Champion's Spirit

Cindy is sure Champion will be Whitebrook's fastest colt yet--if he ever gets to the track. He just won't behave. But when he runs, he's almost perfect. Can Cindy get him to behave before he ruins his greatest chance at victory?

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Thoroughbred #21-Wonder's Champion

Champion is facing the three most important races of his career, the Triple Crown races. However, injuries threaten to ruin his chances of winning, and now it's up to Cindy to prove that her colt is truly a winner.

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Thoroughbred #22-Arabian Challenge

Cindy's dreams are coming true, she's riding Champion, the Triple Crown winner, in Arabia's Dubai Cup! There will be tough competition, including her friend and teacher, Ashleigh. Is Cindy ready fro the challenge of her life?

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Thoroughbred #23-Cindy's Honor

Honor Bright is old enough for her first racing season! Cindy can't wait to be her jockey. But when Cindy is injured in an accident, a new young jockey named Jeremy Correll is named to ride Honor. Will Cindy be able to swallow her pride and watch Jeremy race Honor? Or will she ignore her doctor's order and try to ride again?

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Thoroughbred #24-The Horse of her Dreams

Christina asked for a horse for her birthday and got Wonder's last foal. But Christina doesn't feel very lucky. Everyone expects her to be a jockey, but she wants to event. Then she sees Sterling Dream, the perfect horse for her. Will Christina risk everything to take a chance on a Dream?

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Thoroughbred #25-Melanie's Treasure

13-year-old Melanie Graham lives with her Aunt Ashleigh and Uncle Mike, but she's struggling to fit in. Then she sees Pirate's Treasure, an unpredictable, retired racehorse. Can Melanie break through Pirate's distrust and prove to everyone he has the heart of a champion?

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Thoroughbred #26-Sterling's Second Chance

Christina is sure she and Sterling Dream are ready for their first competition, but then she is injured in a fall and can't ride with the team. Cassidy Smith is picked to ride Sterling, and she says Christina and Sterling are both quitters. Will Christina and her horse get the chance to prove Cassidy wrong?

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Thoroughbred #27-Christina's Courage

Christina thought she and Sterling were close, but now the mare refuses to do anything she asks. Everyone thinks Christina is training Sterling too hard. What can she do to regain Sterling's trust?

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Thoroughbred #28-Camp Saddlebrook

Christina is thrilled to be at riding camp--until she meets Eliza, who's jealous of Christina. But then Christina discovers a secret Eliza has been hiding. Christina knows she should keep quiet. But it's hard not to tell the truth about someone who lies.

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Thoroughbred #29-Melanie's Last Ride

Melanie has to do well at the camp's final competition. But then someone begins to sabotage the other riding teams--and everyone blames Melanie! How can Melanie prove that she's innocent in time for the big competition?

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Thoroughbred #30-Dylan's Choice

Dylan used to be one of Christina's best friends. But now she's wondering if he thinks soccer is more important than riding. He seems to want to give up riding altogether. Can Christina convince Dylan to continue riding and keep her friendship with him?

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Thoroughbred #31-A Home for Melanie

Melanie Graham expected Whitebrook Farm to be the most boring place in America. And she thought her cousin, Christina Reese, would be a snob. But after an entire summer at Whitebrook, Melanie has changed her mind. Whitebrook isn't dull, it's amazing!There are so many beautiful horses, especially Trib, her favourite pony. Plus, Christina is totally cool--she's the first true friend Melanie has ever had. Now Melanie can't imagine living anywhere else. There's just one problem: Melanie's dad wants her to return to New York City. How can she convince him to let her stay at Whitebrook--forever?

Thoroughbred #32-Cassidy's Secret

Cassidy Smith is worried. Her filly, Lady T, is running against a champion racehorse, Pizzazz. Cassidy's family needs the prize money desperately. Without it, they can't afford to keep Lady T. Then Cassidy discovers that Pizzazz has been injured--and his owner is planning to run him anyway. If Pizzazz runs on his bad leg, he could be ruined forever! Cassidy knows she should tell her dad to stop the race. But then the Smiths won't win the money they need--and they'll have to sell Lady T for sure. How can Cassidy protect Pizzazz without losing her beloved filly?

Thoroughbred #33-Racing Parker

Christina Reese is confident that her horse, Sterling, is ready for higher jumps. But Christina's trainer, Mona, won't let her move up to training level. Christina feels as if she and Sterling are being held back unfairly. Then Christina meets Parker Townsend.If he can handly training level, then why can't she? Maybe Christina lacks experience, but Sterling has talent to spare. They're a perfect match! How far will Christina go to prove she's as good as Parker?

Thoroughbred #34-On The Track

Ever since Melanie Graham came to live with her cousin Christina Reese, she's had her eye on the track. She wants to be an exercise rider, and maybe one day, a winning jockey. With her aunt Ashleigh's expert guidance, Melanie learns how to gallop Thoroughbreds. And she loves it. Finally, she's discovered her calling. But Christina is jealous. She's been acting weird ever since Melanie began working with Ashleigh. Melanie desperately wants to continue her training, but is it worth losing her cousin's friendship?

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Thoroughbred #35-Dead Heat

Coming soon

Thoroughbred #36-Without Wonder

Coming soon.

Thoroughbred Prequel-Ashleigh's Hope

Ashleigh is thrilled when she gets accepted into Chesterton Riding Academy. But the other girls at Chesterton are jealous of Ashleigh's talent, and they pull nasty pranks on her. Will Ashleigh be able to stop them before they succeed in ruining the only thing she's ever loved?

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Super #2-Ashleigh's Diary

In the attic of her parent's home, Ashleigh discovers her old diary from Edgardale farm, when she was eleven. Reading it, she relives her love for Stardust, and Black Night, the spirited colt who's birth whe witnessed. She remembers the terrible sadness when Black Night was stolen, and how she worked to find him. She also recalls the devastation when a deadly virus swept through her farm. And she relives all the happiness of knowing Stardust, who was taken away from her much too soon....

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Super #3-Ashleigh's Christmas miracle

Ashleigh and Mike are expecting their baby after New Year's. However, on Christmas eve, Ashleight is kicked by a spooked stallion, putting her life, and the baby's, in danger. She is rushed to the hospital where the baby is born premature. As she drifts in and out of consciousness she dreams about her daughter's life as a champion rider. Will Ashleight live to see her daughter become a winner, or will her dreams for her daughter die with her?

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Super #4-Samantha's Journey

Samantha has a terrible scare when she sees Cindy fall over a rail during a workout. The accident is similar to the one that caused Samantha's mother's death. Will Samantha rediscover happiness at Whitebrook? Or will she be tormented forever by the tragedies of her past?

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Ashleigh #1-Lightning's Last Hope

Ashliegh Griffen thinks horses are the most wonderful animals in the world. But when Ashleigh discovers Lightning living in a filthy stall with hardly any food on a neighbouring farm, she can't ignore the horse's suffering. She knows Lightning isn't her responsibility, but she's sure her life's in danger. How far will Ashleigh go to save the beautiful horse?
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Ashleigh #2-A Horse for Christmas

Now that Ashleigh has rescued Lightning, a horse she found negected on a neighbouring farm, everything should be perfect. All her family has to do is officially adopt Lightning. But then the humane society comes into the picture, and they want to take Lightning away? How can Ashleigh convince them that Lightning is her horse?.

Ashleigh #3-Waiting for Stardust

coming soon

Ashleigh #4-Goodbye, Midnight Wanderer

Tragedy has struck at Edgardale. Ashleigh's favourite yearling has been injured in a terrible accident, and Ashleigh feels responsible. The vet says the colt should be put down. Ashleigh begs for time, and devotes herself to caring for the yearling. But nothing Ashleigh does seems to help. The yearling must be destroyed. Blaming herself, Ashleigh vows never to become attached to a horse again. Can any horse mend Ashleigh's broken heart?

Ashleigh's Collection-Battlecry Forever!

Leslie can have any horse she wants, but she wants Battlecry. She knows that beneath his unstable behaviour is a great horse, it just doesn't show. But when Leslie gets to train Battlecry, and he runs in his first race, things don't turn out for the best.

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Ashleigh's Collection-Star of Shadowbrook Farm

Susan has fallen off horses before, but the last spill was different. Now just thinking about riding terrifies her. Then Evening Star comes to the farm. Will Susan's fears keep Star from jumping victory?

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Ashleigh's Collection-The Forgotten Filly

Joelle has a very special relationship with her Thoroughbred mare Dance Away. Then Dancer dies giving birth to her first foal, and Joelle swears no horse, even Dancer's filly, will ever replace Dancer in her heart. But Joelle's parents insist she take care of the orphaned filly--who needs her help to survive. Joelle does as little as she can to groom and train the filly. She can only think about Dancer and the big fall show, she was sure they'd win a big trophy together. Joelle is convinced the filly will never be a winner. Then something happens to change her mind forever...