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Hi there!  Welcome to my small little Spice Girls page.  Here you'll find some info on each of the Spice Girls (and yes, Geri too--notice the background, in memory of her), lyrics to all of their songs from Spice and Spice World (near the bottom of the page), my forever long Spice Poll (near the bottome of the page), and some pictures scattered throughout.  So I hope you enjoy your stay here, and come back sometime.  P.S. for all you Spice Girls fans out there, no, I haven't seen Spice World yet.  So don't be angry!


Now for those Spice Girls!


  Full name and Spice name Victoria Caroline Addams or Posh Spice
  Her Birthday  April 17th, 1974
  Birthplace Hertfordshire, England
  Distinguishing Features "Yes"
  Advice Drink whatever you want, as long as it matches your nail polish
  Likes Short skirts, shopping for clothes, makeup
  Her dad is An electrical wholesaler
  Is happiest in Gucci or Joseph
  Regrets Spilling red wine on her Armani suit
  Before Bedtime Does a full facial routine, puts on silk pyjamas


Full name and Spice name Melanie Jane Chisolm or Sporty Spice
Birthday January 12, 1974
Birthplace Liverpool, England
Distinguishing features Pierced nose, a "Girl Power" tatto in Japanese on her arm
Loves soccer, food shopping, track  suits
Before Bedtime does 50 stomach crunches
Advice try to beat boys at their own game


Full name and Spice name Melanie Janine Brown or Scary Spice
Birthday May 29, 1975
Birthplace Leeds, England
Before bedtime Falls asleep anywhere
Advice Be outrageous!
Fear Not being able to communicate with anyone
Distinguishing feature Pierced tongue
Likes Nineh Cherry, the Fugees
Dislikes Fools
Her hero Must have it's own rules
Qualities to look for in a man Non-conformity, a zest for life
Qualities to look for in a woman Stands up for what she believes in


Full name and Spice name Emma Lee Bunton or Baby Spice
Birthplace Barnet, England
Birthday January 21, 1976
Likes Pigtails, karate, clubbing, and streaking naked down LA hotel corridors
Fear Prison, loneliness
Loves Had a teenage crush on Bobby Brown
Talent Eats 100 doughnuts in 10 minutes
Dad is A milkman
Heroine Penelope Pitstop
Before bedtime "Cuddle with the person next to you"


Full name and Spice name Geri Estelle Halliwell or Ginger Spice
Birthday August 6, 1972
Birthplace Watford, England
Distinguishing features Pierced belly, 1/2 Spanish, 1/4 Swedish
Qualities to look for in a man Charm
Qualities to look for in a woman Sexiness, confidence, strength
Likes Malcolm X, Margaret Thatcher
Before being a Spice Girl Was a dancer, model, game show host on Turkish TV
Will be reincarnated as The Queen, bank robber, mother Theresa
Before bedtime Plans the next day
Advice Use your personality!

There you go, info on all the Spice Girls.  Now I'll give you the lyrics to all their songs.  Just click on the link to one of their albums ( the one on the left is the first the one on the right is the second.  Oh yeah, a third one is coming up soon!) and you will find all the songs on that album.


Now for the Spice Poll just click on the link below and, well, vote.

To the voting page!




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