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Lisa's Pet Peeve Page

Hey there! Welcome to my pet peeve page. Here you will find a bunch of people (when I put them on)'s pet peeves. Feel free to mail me yours anytime, with the subject "pet peeve." I guess that's about it, feel free to look around.

Pet Peeves

Allison Hillis-"Stupid People"

Rachel Zajac-"People who think using spurs and whips on horses is abuse"

Celeste Murphy-"people who think smoking is cool"

Karen Murphy-"People who breathe noisily in your ear"

Jamie Rhodes-"Cups and spoons"

Janice Kwan-"People who breathe loud, and weirdos."

Gail Marsh-"People who pronounce Quebec "Kwebec" instead of the proper way."

Robin Zaleski-"People who are racist."

Jake Robinson-"Big fat pimples!"

Clement Potpors-"When really fat people where spandex."

Bridgette Frambo-"When people are scared of doggies for no reason."

Sara Jane Hall-"When you are talking to someone, and either they interupt you, or ignore you."

Jason Gotsalis-"When people say dumb things and think they're funny."

Adrianna Hagun-"Fat people wearing spandex pants."

Helen Aickman-"PDA's"

Well that's all the people right now, since I just made this page about two minutes ago, well now too. Please mail me your pet peeve, I need it for my list! Oh yeah, like I said before, subject "Pet Peeve." Thanks for coming!

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