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A History of...Thoroughbred_Series Members

Welcome to the history of...Thoroughbred_Series members. This page will take you on a journey, from the empty beginning to the now extravagant present. You will see the first quotes from every member that was ever active. You will be forced to remember past arguments, and present ones too. So sit back, relax, and be whisked back to the beginning of time. Thoroughbred_Series time. P.S. This is a very corny webpage. So don't be shocked when you read something of the sort.

In the beginning, there was Ashleigh

Once there was a restless teenager. She went by the name "Ashleigh". Was this her real name? Only time would tell. Ashleigh had a dream. She had a dream of a list. A Thoroughbred_Series list. She wanted a list so popular and powerful that no other list could compare. On May 31, 1999 she stated:
"Welcome to the Thoroughbred Series list! Its not really big yet, but im hoping more people join soon"

And with those typed words marked the beginning of a legacy, a horsie legacy.

Then came Liz

She was a rogue Thoroughbred Series lover. Where is she today? Whatever happened to the 2nd person on the list? Yes, she was around for a time. But where is she today? Our only memory of her is her opening statement on May 31, 1999:
"i do go to, but i've no gone there many times"

These words may not be very memorable after all, but they mark the appearance of the 2nd person on the TB series mailing list.

Jessica Saddlier comes trotting in

Once actively involved in the TB list, Jessica has not been seen lately. But she will be back. Yes, she will be back. Her opening words on June 5, 1999:
"Hi!! My name is Jessica and I LVOE horses, riding, and the THOROOUGHBRED series! My favorite characters are Samantha, Pride, Shining, Sierra, and Yvonne!"

Where is the friendly girl who goes by the name Jessica? It is certain she will be talking again soon.

The barging in of Lisa

It would now be time for a fourth member to enter. A member who is still part of the list, and has been since the beginning. Although often loud, she has a good heart. Her opening words on June 5, 1999:
"My name is Lisa and my favourite characters are Ashleigh, Samantha, and Cindy. My favourite horses are Wonder, Sierra and Champion I have every thoroughbred book in existence!"

Still talking, Lisa is definitely present.

She goes by the name of Kira