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My Dogs



    Hey there, welcome to the page dedicated to my dogs Leo, Zoe, and Lee Roy (Roy).  They are aged 8, 10, and 4.  All three of them are German Shorthaired Pointers.  Roy is Leo and Zoe's son, and looks like both of them.  On this page, you will find information and pictures of all three of my dogs.   Enjoy, your stay, and if you don't find my dogs cute, I'll beat you up!  Just kidding.





           As I've already said, Leo is 8 years old.  His registered name is Huntersglen Baron Leopold.  His parent's names are  Maggie (CH*. Huntersglen Magic Moments) and Buck (CH. Gunter's Von Taylor's Joy).  Leo does a wide variety of activities.  Leo is very very sweet, always wants to cuddle, and snorts a lot.  Here is a list of Leo's accomplishments:

          That's all for Leo.  When you view the pictures at the bottom of  the page, Leo is the middle-sized dog, and is very dark.  He also has a bigger head than Roy and Zoe, so see if you can recognize him.

*CH stands for show champion.





         As I've already said, Zoe is 10 years old.  Her registered name is Huntersglen Reve du Printemps.  Her parent's names are Squeak (CH. Aspenglow Huntersglen Dream) and Walker (CH. Huntersglen Wind Walker).  Like Leo,  Zoe also does a variety of activities.  Zoe is also very sweet, and she had her only litter of puppies (with Leo) in November of 1995.  She had seven puppies.  When they were born, I gave each of them a name.  Here they are in order of birth:

        Now they have new owners, and new names (Gates Creek is our kennel name, like Huntersglen):         As you can see Lee Roy (I already said we call him Roy) is Leo and Zoe's son.
        Now here are a list of Zoe's Accomplishments:         That's all for Zoe.  For the pictures, she is the smallest out of the three.  She is the very spotted one.






             As I've already said Roy is 4 years old.  His registered name which you already know is Gates Creek Lee Roy V Franken.  Roy also does a variety of activities.  Here is a list of Roy's accomplishments:

           That's all for Roy.  For now.  For the pictures, I guess  just look for the tallest slimmest dog, he is also dark.  He has a little bump on the back of his head.


      Well that's all for information.  Now here is a picture gallery of my dogs.  They are divided into four sections, group pictures, Leo pics, Roy pics, and Zoe pics.

Leo Pics:

Leo's head.

another Leo's head.

Leo in his favourite blanket.

Leo looks crazy in this picture.

Leo looks drunk in this one.

Leo also looks drunk in this one.

Here's a close up of Leo.

Here's a Leo profile.

Leo looks bored.

Leo looks stunned.

Leo looks evil.

Leo the poser.

Here's Leo's snout.

Zoe Pics:

Zoe in one of her favourite places.

Zoe in the same place.

Zoe's head is on my knee.

I think she's going to fall asleep.

Here's a close-up of Zoe.

Here's another one.

Zoe's acting coy.

Here's a pic of Zoe highjumping in Superdogs a couple years back. And my mom.

Roy Pics:

Roy with a dopey face.

Roy standing in our backyard.

Roy trying to give me an innocent look.

Roy looking mighty tired.

Hi Roy.

Here's a Roy profile.

Guilty Roy.

Innocent Roy.

Roy the poser.

Group Pics:

L to R, Leo, Zoe, and Roy.

L to R, Zoe and Leo lying in the backyard April 13, 1998.

all the puppies.

L to R, Leo, Zoe and Roy. Leo and Roy crossed arms themselves.

Leo Zoe and Roy again.

Leo Zoe and Roy.

Me and the dogs. It looks like I'm grabbing Leo's butt, but I'm not.

All three in the backyard.

Clockwise from left: Roy, Leo, Zoe.

Kind of the same.

Zoe, Roy, Leo.

Again, Zoe, Roy, Leo.

People have been interested about Lisa's dogs.